Static Voltage Stabilizer (SVS)



  1. A Static Voltage Stabilizer(SVS), is a modified & advanced generation of Servo-controlled Voltage Stabilizer (SCVS).
  2. Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer( SCVS) incorporated with Variacs & motors, which are mechanical and moving parts to control Output Voltage. The correction rate to control output voltage is very high.
  3. While Static Voltage Stabilizer Incorporated Semiconductors & do not involve any mechanical moving parts hence correction rate to correct output voltage is too low within One Cycle (10 to 20 Mesc).
  4. Static Voltage Stabilizer monitors the incoming supply voltage, and accordingly correct Output voltage instantaneously.
  5. Since there are no mechanical parts like Variac, motor, Carbon brush, etc., there is no arcking, or sparking between Variac winding & moving brush, Because of this life & The Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF) of Static Stabilizer is much higher than SVCS.
Rating & Range1 Phase 10 KVA to 100KVA
KVA Rating 3 Phase 10KVA to 500KVA
Input voltage Range1 Phase 180V to 280Volts Or customise
 3 Phase 340Volts to 460 Volts Or customise
Input Frequency+/- 3Hz
Coolig MethodNatural Air Cooled
Temperature5 to 50 Degree Celcius
Protection ClassIP20
Voltage Correction Period80% less than one cycle & 100% within less than 2 to 3 Cycles.
ProtectionsInput Phase fail
 Input High / Low Voltage
 Output High / Low Voltage
 Output Overload
Output VoltageAuto / Manual setting available.
Capacity100% continuous
 110% for 30 min
 125% for 10min
 150% 10 Sec
 > 160% Instantaneous Trip
MTBF> 20000 Hrs
Configuration Available
Single Phase Output
Three Phase Output