Float Cum Boost Charger ( FCBC )


Float Cum Boost charger is functionally a charger. It work in two different modes.

1) Float mode 2) Boost mode. So this product is called FCBC.

FCBC are used for charging the batteries and provides un-interrupted DC supply to Sub station / Power house protection circuit / Telecom exchanges / etc.etc.



FCBC has Float mode and Boost mode

FCBC operates on single phase or three phase power supply and designed for continous operation. FCBC has Bulit-In Input Galvanic isolation transformer.

Float Mode Operation
In float mode, the FCBC provides DC power to connected load and provides trickle charging to battery simultenously.

Boost Mode Operation
In Boost mode operation FCBC provides DC supply to connected load and charges battery with specified current simultenously. In boost mode charger tracks battery boost voltage level and keep charging current at same level. After attaning Boost voltage level, this level is maintained for specific period this period is decided by timer circuit. Simultenously charger tracks charging tracks charging current, so that as soon as charging current reduces to 2% of charging current level then FCBC changes its operating mode from Boost to Float.

The operation of Float and Boost mode is fully automatic.

Mains Fail mode.
During input mains supply goes off FCBC remains off till it restores and provides DC power to the connected load. After resuming input mains supply FCBC starts its operation from Boost mode.

Configuration Available
Single Phase Input With Output 24V To 180V DC
Three Phase Input With Output 220V To 720V DC