On-Line UPS System ( UPS )

Online UPS systems provide uninterrupted power to critical loads that require the highest level of protection.

They are commonly used in

The required level of protection is achieved through double conversion. Double conversion means – power is converted twice : The AC input converted into DC power. This section is called as rectifier, and provide power to Inverter. The Inverter inverts DC power in to AC power, it ensures voltage and frequency to be at constant level. The battery bank connected between rectifier and inverter section. In case of grid / Input AC power fails, then Battery bank provides back-up power to Inverter. This entire scheme called as double conversion.

Configuration Available
Range Available
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Single Phase Input Single Phase Output
2KVA to 10KVA
Three Phase Input Single Phase Output
6KVA to 200KVA
Three Phase Input Three Phase Output
6KVA to 600KVA